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If you’re looking for the best floor installation service, we pride ourselves on high quality craftsmanship from beginning to end. To get you ready for the installation, we’ll talk you through the preparations you’ll need to make beforehand. Then we’ll guide you through the entire installation process and let you know what will be going on and how long it will take. Finally, we’ll explain basic care and maintenance afterwards, to make sure your floors are treated right, to continue looking great.

All of our installation services are done in-house, by specially trained professionals, rather than subcontracted out. That way, we can guarantee precision installation every time, and a floor that will last you for years to come. Call JP Builders & Roofing for the best flooring in the business.

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JP Builders & Roofing has exercised both its passions for innovation and its uncompromising commitment to quality and service. The result has been a company with a fine reputation in the flooring industry and whose name has become synonymous with exceptional quality, value and reliability.

The aim of our business is to be the best place of work for trade and design professionals within the flooring industry. We look for the best, we train to be the best and together, we aim to be the best. JP Builders & Roofing work hard to master our construction related professions and develop life-long skills which are polished as we grow as a high performing team. This results in our ability to exceed our client expectations one project at a time.

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